body_containerKwan Yin has been telling us for a while that the earth vibrations are rising in accordance with a Cosmic or Divine Plan, and that we are now being asked to rise with them. Actually, she has said that we are not only being asked, we are actually being told that this energetic shift will happen. It is time, and the only thing we can do is go with it or resist it.

Right now, humanity as a whole is trying to resist it because it involves changing the self, and we as humans are pretty resistant to change in general — it makes us uncomfortable. This resistance is putting an opposite pull or conflicting energetic with the rising earth energies, as the earth is compliant to the needs of Spirit and the Universe. The earth doesn’t ask why it has to shift or if it can have more time to shift, it just falls in synch with the Creative Force. So it is important that we realize what is going on and make a positive effort.

As the shifting continues, Kwan Yin says that our bodies, or as she puts it recently, our “containers” are changing:


“As the container changes, the structure of the container needs to change, so people that think they need to exercise a lot or think that their body has to look this way or that way, they are going to find they may injure themselves because it is not necessary to exercise and stretch and make the container stronger. Yoga is very useful for that, but not necessary. It is just necessary to be aware of the container and to allow the flexibility to happen. It’s the flexibility in the way to perceive and flow with what is.”

“The container has a neurological aspect to it, which is connected to the thought patterns and the allowing of the pathways to open and close in the body; the permission for energy to flow. If you are not allowing the energy to flow, often times you will feel pressure, a flutter, a buzz, tension, or something like electrical shocking, but that is all because your container is expanding.”

“You are not in charge of how much light comes in to the plane. You are in charge of how much you can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to. If you say yes, then permission to be in nature, permission to relax, to breath, to love, permission to accept shifts and changes. You did not come on to the planet to be who you think you are. Everyone is headed in a bigger path with stronger awareness, great shift and change. Permission to shift.”

One of the things that gets in our way of shifting is the ego. The ego is necessary, neither good nor bad, but has shifted its purpose over time and needs to be energetically restructured:

“The ego is an accentuated part of the reality at this time. It wasn’t always. Ego has to do with what can guide ones mind, but the interpretations and the drama that go along with it also have influenced the emotional body, so the emotional body is what is having the most trauma at this time.”

There are things we can do to mitigate any unpleasant side effects of this shifting. Kwan Yin says that meditation once or twice a day is the first and foremost way to help this. This will provide a way of connection with what Spirit is energetically trying to manifest. Another thing is getting proper rest. We really need to find the time — any way possible — to sleep or rest when we are tired, even if that means rearranging our lives, our jobs and lifestyle to fit. So many times we fight it due to family or work responsabilities, but Spirit is actually calling us to take more relaxation and to have more time alone or without stimulation (TV, kids, activities, etc.).

She continues about what is happening to the earth as it seeks to expand itself and free itself from suffering:

“Just as you are liberating yourself from your container, the spirit of the earth plane is liberating itself from the container that has been structured, hammered, re-structured and made into a different shape by humanity.”

“You cannot continue with the same ideas, ideologies, wants and desires and live in peace on a planet that is suffering. If the planet is having a feeling of pain and suffering, it as if it is like being in a household where someone is crying all the time. The earth has that experience now. It is not physically crying, but it is having movements and shifts and it is not about to die — it is about to stretch into its own archetype.”

“Are you going to shift into your own archetype? Are you going to stretch and move into who you really are?”

Hopefully we will. Allow yourself a new way of being. This is the message. Move with your own spiritual rhythm and with the earth, allowing the individual consciousness to evolve. Simply allow.

Permission to shift.