worldAs we enter the New Year of 2010, we continue on our journey of awakening and elevating our consciousness to higher levels or frequencies of love. The year already has challenged humanity with the devastating earthquake that took place in Haiti. Some sites on the internet have posted that the area was punished due to all of the intense voodoo that was practiced through the centuries.

Once again, this is a statement of judgment that no longer serves us in this “New World” that we wish to manifest. We are asked at this time to join hands and to help with love; all nations as ONE, leaving behind our differences for a higher good: to save lives and bring about comfort to those in pain.

With great challenges come the opportunities of growth and now we are being asked to align ourselves with what may be termed as a “higher frequency” of love and faith. In order to align with this frequency, we are being asked to “let go” of the necessity to always be in control and to have fixed expectations on how things need to be or how people need to act. This new way of being shifts us from controlling to “letting a Higher Consciousness” conduct our lives and to firmly believe and trust that in the long run, it is all for a higher purpose.

If there is a truth about life, that truth is that everything is in constant movement. Nothing remains fixed or firm and neither do we or our planet. All around us we find movement, creation, change and flow. The question to ask is what type of movement, creation, change and flow do we wish to create? On a scale of emotional frequencies, fear is the lowest and of course the highest is LOVE. With this understanding, we need to be more vigilant of our emotions and conscious that we are able to create moments in our lives of enjoyment, beauty, appreciation and gratitude. When we find ourselves in these states, the level of our frequency rises and we are then more capable of manifesting more of these experiences into our lives. But, there is another result that comes with this manifestation that is truly a blessing: your energy of peace, contentment, love, or simply just Being has a profound effect on those you interact with. There is no doubt that in Saint Francis’s prayer, “Make me an instrument of Thy peace,” this is what he wanted to realize in his thoughts, feelings, daily actions, words, and presence in the world. We are being asked at this time to do the same. This is our service to humanity.

Author, Andrew Harvey, wrote in his book, The Hope- A Guide to Sacred Activism, that we have reached a crucial point in the story of humanity. Each and everyone one of us is asked to discover his or her divine purpose or blueprint for a better world. We will see more and more of this desire sprouting within our most inner desires. There needs to be a “joint global initiative to save the world from its downward spiral of greed, pain, and self-destruction.” Andrew Harvey mentions in his book that there are seven laws to Sacred Activism and that it is essential that we learn to find gratitude, practice forgiveness, compassion, that we let go of our pain, and that we nurture feelings of kindness and harmony within our soul.

2010 brings us rapid change, transformations, movement and great opportunities of letting go and letting God. This is the year to live what we preach, to constantly ask ourselves the question:

“How can I approach this with a more loving attitude?”


This is the year where our faith and trust will be called upon and by living in the Present Moment we will find our inspiration and answers. This is the year where you need to let go of the old stories of pain, past experiences and drama in order to move into this higher frequency and to allow it to manifest in your life. As you release the “old” that no longer serves your highest good, you make room for the “new”. The more we are able to move in this direction, the more we are able together to change the consciousness on this planet.